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05/22/2004 Entry: "Man, what a night"

Last night was a classic. I came home, put some Hartman and Coltrane in the player, and listened for about 40 minutes. Susan and Julia came home, so I sprung to get the door. From there, I started cooking supper. Then the phone rings. It's Cameron. He rented some DJ gear from me, and he couldn't get it working. Of course, it's five minutes before the dance starts, and I've got pork chops on the grill. So I run over, get the audio straightened out, only to find out my light board isn't working right. It's not chasing. (Chasing means blinking, for you non-techies.) So that adds to my grumpiness. And then, the night before I learned that I have no power out to my garage. Last night, the former owner called me and confirmed there's no fuse panel in the garage. No fuses are blown in the house, so something must be wrong with the wire underground from the house to the garage. Nice. Then I start wrecking the house looking for the damn manual for the light board. I can't find it anywhere! And wehn it comes to that kind of stuff, I'm usually fastidious. I've got the box for it, and the original packing materials. But not the manual. I know I have it, I just can't find it! I was ready to bite nails. Susan was ready for bed, but I knew I couldn't sleep. So I stayed up until midnight, watching a movie, and letting the juices relax. (Funny--see the post over on Jim's site: Games... Must We?)

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