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06/02/2004 Entry: "What's up with LJ?"

Why does anyone use Live Journal? Here's the scenario. The WOP says he's not going to post anymore. I leave some lame comment to the effect of "too bad, that's the only communication some of us have with you." I hit the post button, and LJ says "type the number you see below to proove your not a spambot. Only problem is, there's no number. So there's a link that says "Click here to hear an audio clue." So I click that. And my browser crashes. Try again. Same thing. Fine, I figure. Genova doesn't want to hear about it anyway. So then I go over to Melanie's journal, and try and leave a comment. All seems to have gone ok, except there's no comment posted. Then, I took a look at Jim's site, and he's ruminating about how LJ eats all his longer posts. It's madness.

Greymatter gives me almost no trouble. The only times I have problems it was a) my fault, or b) the fault of someone moving me to a different server.

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Melanie screens her posts from non LJ users so once she screens what you have written it should show up.

With me it isn't LJ but it is the freeware LJ client I am using that causes the problem. There are tons of LJ clients for both Mac and PC.

In all honesty I have found LJ to be the best web log thing yet. Greymatter requires a ton of fussing with (for me) and I just don't have the time or the desire to do that with it. Not to mention LJ seems to have more capabilties. Blogger just blows big time. So in fact LJ has worked fine for me. LJ isn't the problem. Just the freeware client (see not made by LJ) that I used was the issue. I love the way LJ allows you to link in friends and such. I will say that I do think a lot of the LJ community are real losers but I don't use it for the community. Just use it for my web log.

Posted by Jim @ 06/02/2004 11:41 PM EST

Consider your post VIEWABLE jimmy was right, I do screen my posts 1st. You just never know who is going to say what & I'd rather be safe than sorry.
So far there is only 1 person I had to *Edit* for content & one other I refused to allow to post all together.Not bad considering....

If you were on LJ & a *friend* on my LJ list you could post w/o having to go thru authorizations 1st. It's all about the contacts :-)

Posted by Melanie Wirtz @ 06/03/2004 12:23 AM EST

You can always email me, or catch me on aim, or call me. I agree with jim though, lj is pretty decent for an easy to use journal/blog/thing, and its got a lot of features. Anyway, I decided that when I wanted to post, I would direct that energy and emotion elsewhere, like writing somthing tangible. Ultimately I would like to put a bunch of my wirting, short stories etc... up somewhere. Maybe resurect the greasywop site.

Posted by mlg @ 06/03/2004 05:47 PM EST

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