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06/07/2004 Entry: "For Ronald Reagan"

I was on my way to a gig on Saturday when I heard the news of President Reagan's death. In a strange twist of irony, I heard about it while listening to National Public Radio. Much of Mr. Reagan's thoughts, policies, and ideas have formed what are my political views today. In fact, I had a picture of him and Nancy in high school locker. I regard him as the best president of my lifetime (I was born in '71), and as one of the best we've ever had. I greatly admired his ability to communicate. To me, it seemed he could be everyman. He could be with anyone--car dealer, grave digger, Indian chief, billionaire--and still be himself; still be sympathetic. Rumors have circulated about our current president calling people a$$holes while their backs were turned. That wouldn't have happened with Mr. Reagan. I remember when news was breaking about Clinton getting some action under his desk. Someone (I think Don Imus) remarked that Mr. Reagan wouldn't go into the Oval Office in his shirtsleeves, and how far the respect of the President had fallen. I heard again today that Mr. Reagan didn't allow anyone into the Oval Office without a shirt at tie on. He respected his office (the job--not the room) as President too much to allow that. Heck, I remember when it was not ok for the President to have smoked marajuana. Will we ever have a President who can claim that again?

And yet, at 6pm as I listened to NPR on Saturday, they left the news and went to A Prairie Home Companion. At the top of the show, Garrison Keeler announced that the former President had died. It seemed as if most people in the audience didn't know. There were gaps and "awwww-s" almost universally. I say almost... Some jerk had the audacity to cheer. Now I'm no fan of Bill Clinton, but should he die, there would be no cheers from me. I shouldn't think there'd be cheers from anyone, just out of respect for the fact he was the President. That would be the respect that Reagan would've given.

Here's to you, Ronald Reagan. Forever may you remain in jacket and tie. I hope someday the office of the President will recover the dignity and integrity that you gave to it.

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Mr. Reagan was the fist President I voted for and I had the honor of serving in the USMC while he was the President. smile

Posted by Rays @ 06/08/2004 10:17 AM EST

He did more to increase the popularity of jelly beans than any other president in history. For that, we are eternally grateful.

Posted by Paddy @ 06/08/2004 02:40 PM EST

Saturday was a sad day for us all. I think it was his time though, and thank God he is no longer suffering with the Alzheimers. He was a great man, and one hell of a great President!

Posted by Maria @ 06/08/2004 08:07 PM EST

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