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06/17/2004 Entry: "Quickie on Break"

So Susan and I are sitting on the couch, watching a little TV last night. Susan's been complaining that her hip/pelvis have been sore recently. Last night she "Man, this really hurts. Add to that the contractions..."


"Sure. I've been having contractions for days."

The color drained from my face. I was stunned.

"They're only Braxton Hicks. Didn't you know?"

Um, no Honey, I didn't. I was right nervous for a second there.


Jim mentioned today that he thought I undercooked the bratwurst. Someone a couple of months ago mentioned that they thought I undercooked breakfast sausage. Pork doesn't doesn't need to be overcooked anymore. In 2000, there were 15 cases of trichinosis, of those, 9 were contracted from bear. The worm that causes it actually dies at 137 degrees. So if you cook it to 150, you're good. And 150 is medium: still al little pink in the middle. Since pigs aren't fed table scraps anymore, trichinosis is quite rare. Those cases that are reported are usually from game animals--not USDA graded piggies.

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Sorry I should have explained. I mean it was a little underdone for my taste. I wasn't referencing safety concerns.

Posted by Jim @ 06/17/2004 07:32 PM EST

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