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06/30/2004 Entry: "Rockin' with Maps and Drums"

Your final score is 7 out of 10 questions.

"7-8: You were a head banger, but your friends knew more bands that you did."

'80s Hair Band Lyric Quiz

There's this company that produces street maps for the area. I've been buying an ad in there map for three or four years. Last year, they even offered me the front page of the map. I guess at that time I told them a) I liked their product (otherwise I wouldn't have bought an ad in it), and b) to call me again next year.

Well, they called today. Since we spoke last year, our local Chamber of Commerce has switched to a competing map business. (They used to use the maps of this here map service.) The Chamber gives out the maps at their office, and includes a copy with the relocation packets they send out to prospective new businesses and citizens. I told them that I wasn't going to participate this year.

"Why is that?" they asked.

I explained that our Chamber was using a different map, and that I be sticking with the company who produces the maps for the Chamber.

"Well, last year you asked me to call again this year."

"Yes I did, but that was a year ago. If the Chamber hadn't switched map companies, I'd still buy in with you. But they're not. So I'm going to stick with the maps my local Chamber is distributing."

Funny how attitude changes so fast. "Thank you" she said flatly, and hung up. To trying to offer me a deal, no sincere thank you for your years of business. Just "Ok, onto the next fish." It was a little disheartening.

I was writing my article today for a local business journal here in the area. I was talking about how to get into online retailing, and different shopping cart based solutions. MOFcart has some samples on how their shopping cart system works. One of the samples: Ordering a Drum Set. I liked the "What kind of skins for your set" section. I'll go with the snakeskin, thank you!

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