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09/04/2004 Entry: "New Web Page for Jim, Bass Guitar Auction"

Made a new web template for Jim. Check it out here.

Also, put a bass guitar up for auction. That's here. There was a bid on it before it had been up an hour. Too bad that bid didn't meet reserve!

After I leave the office here in a minute, I'm off to a DJ gig until 6:30. After that, I go to work on a computer, and then home. Sunday and Monday I don't have much scheduled. I'd like to wash the cars Monday with Julia, but we'll see how she goes.

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Great thanks for doing that template for me. I owe you big time. Next time Vinny's is all on me. Perhaps quite a few next times.

Posted by Jim @ 09/08/2004 09:15 PM EST

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