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09/14/2004 Entry: "Movie Stuff"

Ron asked me the other day if I were going to purchase the Star Wars DVDs. Meaning, of course, the classic trilogy on DVD. I told him I wasn't, as I already had the Special Edition on DVD, which included the "new" footage and a Dolby Digital soundtrack. I knew the new DVDs included a documentary, bu read on the web that that was going to be broadcast on the History Channel or something. (It was--I Tivo'd it, and watched the fisrt little bit this morning.) Well, I actually found out there are a bunch more featurettes, as well as audio commentaries on all the films. I also found out that Lucas has made more changes for this edition!

Of the changes I've seen, none are really major, except the one where they change the end shot in Jedi, and have a different actor in place of the dead Anakin. Why this change?

"Finally (and this is a big one), when the Force ghosts of Ben, Yoda and Anakin appear to Luke at the very end of the film, actor Sebastian Shaw has been replaced with Hayden Christensen (as he'll appear in Episode III). "

Sup with that?

"Lucas' rational is that when Vader joins the Force, he's able to retain his original identity as he was when he died as Anakin Skywalker (in Episode III). Since Yoda and Ben retained their good identities until they were old, that's how their Force ghosts appear."

Dumb. Leave it as is.

Also dumb. Columbia House DVD is not carrying either the Star Wars DVDs, or The Passion. Yeah, we wouldn't want to carry two titles like that, now would we!

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I Can't Get No Satisfaction! Cause I Try and I Try!

How have you been making out with this so called company?
There used to be a site:

The site didn't come up.
They were out of New York

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