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10/04/2004 Entry: "Drum Votes and Clothes Shopping"

Old Navy. Who knew! I guess probably everyone but me. I went there this weekend, and found all kinds of great stuff for very little moolah. I bought three shirts, two pairs of pants, a sweater/pull-over thingy, and a pair of sleep pants with winged skulls on them. Old Navy is going to be like my place to shop for clothes. Of course, I shop for clothes like once a year. It's true! It's sad! See the last time I bought clothes here.

We ate a big breakfast Saturday, so we knew we'd eat a late lunch. Olive Garden in Augusta is amidst all the other stores we visited, so we thought we'd go there. It's always busy there, but we thought we'd stand a good chance getting in at 4:15pm. Nope. 35 minute wait. So we went to the new Lonestar Steakhouse. I'm pretty sure we tried the Portland location once. If memory serves, this one was about the same: eh. Not bad, but not great either. Food was ok, but nothing that made you jump up and holler, either. And, no pasta on the menu at all. None. Bummer.

Other place we went to Saturday: Gap (I asked where the men's room was. They said theirs was "closed" and I should use Old Navy's. Nice.), Sam's Club, and Barnes and Noble.
The drum color votes are in. White Satin Flame was the far and away winner. There were 12 votes, although I'm pretty sure Jim voted twice. 10 picked white satin flame, one picked abalone pearl, and only Melanie picked the finish I would've picked: turquoise sparkle. So white satin flame it is. I'll post pictures when it's done.

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I have a question. I have a 14", 10 lug red vistalite tom. This tom looks like a floor tom (it is deep), but only has one tom mount (like a regular tom) and there are no other holes where the other mounting legs would have taken off. Can you tell me what this actually is? Thanks.


Posted by Kevin Miller @ 10/05/2004 08:29 AM EST

Yeah, whatever. I voted for Citrus Mod Orange ...

Posted by Paddy @ 10/05/2004 11:06 AM EST

You said:
The drum color votes are in. Only Melanie picked the finish I would've picked: turquoise sparkle.

So I replied:
That's because you and I seem to have similar taste & style. **GOOD** Ever notice how our quizes usually end up turning out the same too?

Posted by Melanie Wirtz @ 10/06/2004 01:17 AM EST

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