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10/08/2004 Entry: "MI-5, Jimmy T Style"

1. If you couldn't live in Maine what other state would you choose to live in?
Texas. I think. I've never been there, but that's the state I'd most like to visit. Lyle Lovett, ZZ Top, Austin, BBQ--what more do you need?!

2. If you couldn't live in the Midcoast area (we are talking Waldoboro to Belfast) what other area of Maine would you choose to live in?
Well, I need to be near the water. The salt water. I've gotta have that smell. But not something too touristy, nor to metropolitan. So I'm with Paddy, I guess, and would pick something downeast.

3. If you couldn't live in the USA what other country would you choose to live in?
Italy or Great Britain somewheres.

4. America has a lot of large cities and many of them are very diverse and different in terms of climate, culture and lifestyle. You have taken a new job that pays you well enough that you are willing to go about anywhere but you have been given the choice to reside in any major American city. Which one would you choose?
Yikes! I'm not big on cities. Portland Maine is big enough for me. New York is just too big. I hate driving in Boston. Maybe I'd try Austin Texas? :-)

5. Choose which one you prefer. The greatest meal you have ever eaten in your life or the greatest concert you have ever seen in your life.
Concert. But I'd be hard pressed to pick my favorite. Dave Brubeck in Portland was a good show, as was the Charles Mingus Orchestra in Cambridge with Jim.

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1. Well, it would be hard to choose between two: New Hampshire or Virginia. New Hampshire is closest to my family, but I really love Virginia, where Dwane has a lot of "roots".

2. For some reason, I really like Oxford County. I couldn't really tell you why. Maybe more thunder storms?? I'd also have a hard time leaving the ocean, but Washington County is too far "out there" for me. I guess wherever is closest to home. Stockton Springs? Damariscotta?

3. I've heard that New Zealand is pretty close in climate to the USA, so for lack of knowledge about a better place, I guess I'd choose there.

4. Is Lynchburg, Virginia, big enough? If not, then NYC. (That is, if my job was going to pay me a LOT of money.)

5. About every meal I eat is one of the best of my life (I love to eat), so I guess I'd have to pick a favorite concert, just to narrow it down a bit. I really loved going to the Cathedrals concerts, and I also went to a really great Kingsmen concert (another Southern Gospel group). Of course--any concert where my brother is playing is the best one ever! smile

Posted by Lisa @ 10/08/2004 05:47 PM EST

All of Mingus' shows have been great. Just for info, Down East starts at Ellsworth and goes to Eastport. Midcoast is Brunswick to Ellsworth. Thought you ought to know.

Posted by Dad @ 10/09/2004 08:53 AM EST

Hi Dad,

That is why when I wrote that question I defined it as our local area by putting the towns in. So there would be no confusion as to where we were talking about.

Posted by Jim @ 10/10/2004 02:22 PM EST

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