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10/15/2004 Entry: "The Boating MI-5"

1) What is your earliest memory of being on a boat (any kind of boat)?
I guess my earliest memory would be going out to haul with Uncle Ash. When I was a kid, maybe Julia's age and a little older, Uncle Ash would take me out with him once or twice a year. He taught me how to measure lobster for legal size, how to use a bait iron (right through the eyes of redfish--yuck!), how to band lobsters, using the gaff, all kinds of stuff. He'd always let me keep a bucket with interesting sea critters in it, which I would take home and stink up the house with. It was on these trips he introduced me to Squeeze Parkay Margarine, and to this day I've never seen anyone else use it but him. He would also eat tuna, right from the can, then dunk it in a little cup of mayo, and then into the mouth. When I remarked how gross that seemed to me (at the time), he remarked "It all ends up in the same place."

2) Do you get seasick? If so, tell about your remedy.
I don't usually get seasick, and have never vomited. But one time I remember being in a boat with some friend (Mom, Dad, who was that tall blond kid that spent the summers in the little cottage next to the Spruce Head Church, across from David and Shirley Post? Was it Snowy's grandson or something?), and we were sitting sideways in the trough. (For you landlubbers--and I'm no old salt by any means--being in the trough means the waves are hitting the boat broadside, instead of being bow into the waves. The result is the boat rocks from side-to-side instead of up-and-down.) About a half hour of that, and I was good and green.

3) Is there a particular passage to a particular place that you enjoy?

4) If you could own any type of boat (donít worry about cost or operation here), what would it be?
Some Chris Craft styled Mahogany Runabout. I like that whole "On Golden Pond" vibe.

5) Do you plan on taking any type of boat trip in the near or distant future?

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