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10/22/2004 Entry: "Fall Flavored MI-5"

If you don't have your own website, feel free to put your answers in my comments section.

1. During the Fall season, changes take place in nature. What's your favorite Fall change?
Well, I do like the leaves changing. But I will have to give the nod to the cooler temperatures. If I could have Maine's October weather year 'round, I'd probably take it. And though Spring has cool temperatures, it's always so wet and mucky. Give me a cool, crisp, dry October. Rock on.

2. There are some holidays/celebrations that take place in Fall (Halloween, Columbus Day, Octoberfest, Home Coming, etc.) . What's your favorite? Why?
Halloween. I have some crazy fascination with death/the macabre. I have no idea why. Probably it seems not too fitting for a practicing Baptist to have this liking for the darker stuff. But it's there none the less.

3. What's a favorite autumn pastime of yours? Have you done it this year yet?
I like to sit outside with a bottle of red wine. Or, a cigar and bourbon. A leaf peeping trip. Brunch at the Samoset. I've done none of it this year.

4. You have the ability to take one characteristic affiliated with autumn and have it all year. What would it be?
Wood smoke, bacon, and coffee, the smells mingled in my nose.

5. I can think of some foods/beverages that are usually consumed in Fall. What's your favorite Fall treat?
Cider--yum! With a plain or pumpkin Country Kitchen donut. One of Aunt Diana's caramel apples. But if I have to pick just one, it would be this sausage stew that I've adapted from a recipie given to Susan and me from Mary Greiner. The smell of it bubbling away on the stove is the stuff legends are made of.

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