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11/05/2004 Entry: "Jim's Musical MI-5"

1. What musical groups or people have you seen in concert?
Yikes! My memory's not that good. I'll try, though. My first real concert was Sawyer Brown, Lee Greenwood, and Kenny Rogers. My first rock concert was Tesla and David Lee Roth. I've seen BB King twice, and.. Maybe it's better I go by genre.

Country: Kenny Rogers et al, Lyle Lovett and his Large Band
Rock: Roth, Chicago (great show), Jethro Tull, Melissa Etheridge, Brian Adams, and Sarah Mclachlan (x2). Notable opening acts include Mr. Big, Pete Droge, Lisa Loeb, and Paula Cole.
Blues: BB King (x2), Robert Cray. Also, I've seen some big acts at the North Atlantic Blues Festival like Jimmy Vaughan, Bo Diddley, Marcia Ball, E.C. Scott, Shamika Copeland (Johnny Copeland's daughter), and Susan Tedeschi. I've jammed with blues players Eddie Shaw and the Worlfgang and Kenny Neal. No, not as well known as BB King, but solid blues nonetheless.
Jazz: Dave Brubeck (x2), Diana Krall, Chales Mingus Big Band, Poncho Sanchez, John Schofiled, Medeski Martin & Wood, Jane Monheit, Tiger Baku (x2), Artie Shaw Bing Band, Tito Puente Orchestra.
Folk: Richie Havens, Josh White Jr., Shawn Colvin.

I put the ticket stubs of the shows I've seen into the CD liners of my discs. That way, I have a bit of a reminder of the show. Sometimes I forget! :-)

2. If you could see one group or person who would it be. Mind you they can be living, dead or broken up. They are coming back for this concert.
The Beatles. Of course there's no real hope of that, so I'm holding out for The Police.

3. Do you own all the albums of any musical group or person?
I think I own all of Shawn Colvin's albums. I've got all the Counting Crows regular releases (I refuse to buy a greatest hits collection from anyone just so I can get one or two new tunes.) I've got all Sarah McLachlan's but her latest. I've got Debbie Gibson's first three releases. I've got all Diana Krall's albums but her latest--she's getting too lounge-y for me. I liked her better as a straight up jazzer.

4. What is the best concert you ever attended?
I can't really say. The first Brubeck concert was really good. The entire experience of spending the day with Jim and seeing the Mingus band was good too. McLachaln and Cole was a good show.

5. Is there any group/musician you simply must or really want to see before you die? More than one is fine.
I really want to see Counting Crows live. They came with Dogs Eye View once--I wish I had seen that one. I'd like to see Lenny Kravitz live too.

Replies: 2 people have rocked the mic!

I was at that concert (David Lee Micrphone between my legs Roth with Tesla.) and I gotta say, Tesla rocked so much harder.

Posted by Groovemaster @ 11/05/2004 02:34 PM EST

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