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11/12/2004 Entry: "Strange Dreams and Karma"

Joe from 3-Dimensions sent around this little inspirational email this morning. I decided to respond to him with Brautigan's "Karma Repair Kit." I found this. I thought comment #1 was a hoot. Obviously, they didn't understand.

I had a strange dream last night. I dreamt Heather Armstrong called me on the phone! I don't remember why she called, by I do remember her saying she was covering a double shift at McDonalds that night. I thought it odd she would be working their, when she went to college (last I knew) at Johnson and Wales. Anyway, I told her that everyone was looking for her, and nobody could find her for the 10th reunion. She said she'd been living in Camden since graduation, but she just never ran in to anybody! Then in the background, I heard the voice of Tom Derby. I know Tom because I helped design his website. I said "Do you know Tom Derby?" She said "He's my stepfather! He married my mother after..." I don't know if her Mom divorced her father in my dream, or if he died. But for some reason, Heather's mom had remarried Tom Derby, and she was living in his house! (Of course, in real life, I've been to Tom's house, and I didn't see Heather. And since Tom's married, his current wife might object to him being married to Heather's mom!)

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Bill you come up with the craziest stuff. How have you been?

Posted by Tom @ 11/12/2004 06:09 PM EST

Nice try. Who is that, Thompson? Paddy? The ip is a GWI ip. Tom doesn't use GWI. So who's ignoring my wishes, and using someone else's email address? Nice form.

Posted by Admin @ 11/12/2004 06:24 PM EST

It wasn't me dude ...

Posted by Paddy @ 11/13/2004 12:32 PM EST

It was me playing a little joke on you. I thought it would make you smile and I figured you would know it was me. No harm intended. Very sorry.

Posted by Jim @ 11/13/2004 01:06 PM EST

I figured it was you Jim. I re-read my comment back to you, and I was pretty harsh. No harm done. satisfied

Posted by Admin @ 11/14/2004 08:26 AM EST

That's okay.... Warren had a dream the other night that we were in a hot tub full of chicken soup! *blech*!!! razz

Posted by Maria @ 11/16/2004 07:29 PM EST

Is that before or after you agreed to marry him? hehe

Posted by Billy Rhythm @ 11/16/2004 08:50 PM EST

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