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11/19/2004 Entry: "MI-5, courtesy of my sister Lisa"

1. Where do you traditionally spend Thanksgiving Dinner?
Usually my paternal grandmother's house, Ma's. Since I've been married though, we switch off. One year at Ma's, and one year with Susan's family. Lately, the years that we're with Sue's family, dinner is held at our house.

2. What part of the Thanksgiving meal do you look forward to the most?
The sausage stuffing. Why I don't make it throughout the year is beyond me. It's not hard, and I love it, so why don't I make it myself at home? Maybe my New Year's resolution will be to eat more sausage stuffing. Also, that 30 Minute Meal lady my sister likes made stuffing muffins. Cooking the stuffing in muffin tins gives you more crunchy bits. More crunchy bits = more yum!

3. If you don't prepare the meal yourself, do you have a special dish that you do prepare to share at the meal? (Feel free to share the recipe if you'd like.)
We don't usually make anything when going to Ma's, but this year I'm thinking I may bring Susan's balsamic vinegar candied onions.

4. Share a Thanksgiving memory.
Hmm. I remember having to sit at the kid's table. Nothing else really notable springs to mind right now.

5. For what are you most thankful this year?
I have two new sons, and they came into the world healthy, and Mother did well, and big sister has really jumped into her role.

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1. Except for a few years spent in Mamaroneck, and one spent at Aunt Ruth's when Thorny and Bill were in the service, I have spent Thanksgiving at home.
2. I guess I don't have one particular part, unless it is the leftovers.
3. I used to do the pies, but as Ma has grown older, I have taken on more of the dinner and the pies. Bill and Marylou usually help with the pealing!
4. I guess it would be the moment each year when someone says "Do you remember the year the Ashley ate the whole turkey?" (Actually, it was the leftovers that he ate). Ma and Dad had gone hunting and we were farmed off to relative for a couple of days, Thorny to aunt Jean's and Bill and I to Grammie's
5. I guess I'm most thankful for the fact that we have all made it through another year in reasonable health, with our share of happiness, and and the knowledge that we have each other to lean on in the difficult times....oh, and of course this year for the twins!

Posted by Aunt Ginny @ 11/19/2004 09:31 AM EST

1. I've always eaten Thanksgiving at my grandmother's. I think several times we went to Dwane's Dad's as well, and we had two big meals in one day. Talk about being full!

2. For me, I look forward to the turkey breast, mashed potato, and stuffing (without giblets). I also love Aunt Ginny's chocolate pie.

3. I always take something, and it's usually some sort of side dish. I take something different every year, trying to find that "perfect something" that I can make every year. Like Aunt Susie's salad. I just haven't found the right recipe though. It think I'm making some sort of brussel sprout au gratin. I can't believe I just wrote "brussel sprout". shocked

4. I remember the stories like Aunt Ginny does. And Uncle Ashley always used to ask, "Where's the bread?". The one particular memory I have, although not particularly a good one, was several years before my grandfather died. He was trying to eat peas, and they kept falling off his fork because his hand was shaking. It breaks my heart to think of it.

5. I think I could just cut and paste Aunt Ginny's remark. I totally concur.

Posted by Lisa @ 11/19/2004 05:30 PM EST

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