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11/23/2004 Entry: "New MIS Radio Ad"

If you want to hear the new Midcoast Internet Holiday ad (complete with line spoken by Julia Valentine) you can click
here. It's about a meg, so it'll take a minute for you folks on dial-up.

Replies: 4 people have rocked the mic!

Sounds great ... You just can't turn off the dee-jay voice, can you?

Posted by Paddy @ 11/24/2004 08:35 AM EST

Have a Terrific Thanksgiving. Enjoy! big grin

Posted by Michelle @ 11/24/2004 11:58 AM EST

I thought R-A had a great radio voice didn't you?

Posted by Groovemaster @ 11/24/2004 04:43 PM EST

What station will this ad be on? Having trouble listening to it on the computer.

Posted by Allison @ 11/24/2004 09:33 PM EST

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