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01/02/2005 Entry: "Julia's Room Done"

So I finished up Julia's new room this afternoon. The old wallpaper came off. New paintable wallpaper went up. On top of that was a color called Birthday Candle. Trim was a very light pink called Pixie Dust. It's so light, it's hard to tell it's not white--until you see white next to it. I installed a new wall sconce, and put white outlets and covers in. And, she got all new flowered porcelain drawer pulls on her built-in bureau. She seemed to like it. She's gone shopping with Susan now to get some Barbie wall border. All I have to do now is get her loft bed built, and it'll be totally done.

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Hey when your done with that I have some sheetrocking that needs doin' hehe

Posted by Groovemaster @ 01/04/2005 10:07 AM EST

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