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01/19/2005 Entry: "Postin' About the Cold"

How're all you folks doin'? Good? Glad to hear it. What's up? Well, for those of you not from Maine, it's been a little chilly up here. We had -.3 yesterday morning, and it was quite blustery, so it felt even colder. Today we had -5 as the low, but with less wind, it felt a whole lot warmer.

Susan's cousin Becky is a missionary in the Czech Republic. Susan forwarded to me one of her emailed updates, and I was surprised how well it was written. I remember Becky being somewhat goofy/gangly, so seeing her present herself so professionally was a pleasant shock. In the email, she linked to her blog. Man, she takes beautiful photographs! I'll try and get a link up.

What else is up? Well, I think I have a new website client, so that's good. There's a nice little snare drum I've got my eye on. I hope to win her and bring her back to her former WWII glory. We'll see how she goes.

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