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01/25/2005 Entry: "Weekend Wrap Up"

What did I do all weekend? Well, Thursday night I spent some time with Ev Spear III. Ev is third generation Everett to own EL Spear, a local hardware store. Susan thought it would be a good idea for Julia to sleep on a loft bed. What's a loft bed? It's kinda like bunk bed with no lower bunk. Julia can play underneath, put her dollhouse there, and stuff like that. I found plans online, and went to Ev (a fellow Kiwanian). The plans came with a cut list, and I asked if he would put a quote together for me. I explained that I had very few tools, so would he quote me some nice lumber that wouldn't need to be planed. Instead, he invited me to his woodshop so we could build it together. That was super nice of him. I went over last night to work some more, and Thursday night we should finish the build. After that, I'll need an afternoon to paint it, and then it'll be done.

Sunday we had the big snow. Well, not so much snow, but a lot of wind, and that caused some major drifting. Church was canceled, so I was home all day. I nothing to do but relax. Well, I made breakfast and cleaned the kitchen, and then did some shoveling, but nothing major needed to be done. By 5:30pm, I was about ready to fly! Too much free time near drove me crazy!

I've also got some websites I'm working on. One is for the office, and one is a paid gig for the local adult ed. I'll post some results a little later.

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Since there was no place to leave a comment for Thursday I'll write it here.

About being mediocre - I think there are several people who would beg to differ.

About depression - A little wallowing is good every now and again. But remember even in the wallowing you are never alone.

Posted by aza @ 01/28/2005 09:53 AM EST

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