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01/28/2005 Entry: "Paddy's MI-5"

1) Name one thing about you that you really like:
I'm harmless enough.

2) What about something that your significant other or friend constantly says they like about you?
Susan appreciates that I work a lot.

3) If you could add a personality trait overnight, what would it be?
I'd like to be really good at just one thing.

4) Are you a confident person, or someone that looks to others for reassurance?
I'm quite confident, and also very realistic. See my post below. I'm not fishing--that's why the comments are turned off. I'm honest enough with myself to realize my shortcomings. And there are many. But I'm confident enough to tell you what they are.

5) Imagine yourself being the person you want to be, how would you describe yourself?
Wicked smart, funny, fun to be around, interesting, and talented.

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Regarding number 5: Four out of five ain't bad ...

Posted by Paddy @ 02/02/2005 10:28 PM EST

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