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02/16/2005 Entry: "Jimmy T, the Truck, Valentines, and No Job"

OK, back to what I was talking about two days ago. I finished the MSAD #40 Adult Ed website a week or so ago. So be sure to check that out. They were nervous about the whole building a website idea, and likened it to childbirth! OUch! I also finished up another site just last night. I'm still awaiting final approval from the owner. As soon as I get that, I'll let you know where it's at. I like it a lot, so that says something. Maybe.

Valentines wishes. Well, it's all over. I didn't get back to that one, but I still want to wish a happy Valentine's day to all, but especially to my two favorite girls: my beloved wife Susan and daughter Julia Valentine. What did we do for Valentine's day? Well, I didn't do any web work. I made Susan a lovely dinner of pork chops and roasted potatoes, with chocolate mousse for dessert. And we're planning a special evening in May--once we can get all three kids outta the house!

Thanks to Jimmy "T" Thompson for helping me with my truck this weekend. I took White Lightnin' in for a tune-up on Friday. When it came back, it was runnin' like a top! Until I went to start 'er off in the parking lot. She acted like she had a low battery. So when I parked, I restarted to see what would happen. Just a slight crank, then nothing. Well, I figured I hadn't driven it around much in a while, maybe the battery was low. I figured I'd jump it, drive it around for an hour, and all would be well. So on Sunday afternoon, I called Jim to see if he wanted to go for a ride. We have one of those portable battery jumper things at the office, and I thought I'd use that, get her started, and go for a ride with Jim. He mentioned he had a battery charger thingy, and we could just use that. Great. So I picked him up, went to the truck, threw his charger on, and nothing. "Strange," said Jim, "whenever I've used it, it just fires right up." So, I had some jumper cables behind the seat, and we pulled them out, hooked them up to Susan's minivan, and waited five minutes. Nada. So we figure maybe the battery is plumb wore out. So using my leatherman and a pair of vice grips, we get the battery out. Off to Autozone. They have to charge it to test it. So we go back to his house to wait the 20 minutes for them to charge it. They call back, and pronounce the battery fully charged, and working fine. So we grab some of Jim's nice tools, get the battery, and install it back in the truck.


So one tow and $200 later, we find out it was the starter. Crap. And after I just dropped $100 on a tune-up. Bummer. Totally not in the budget. Good thing I had some socked away.

Job. Well, no time for this now, as we've got to go back to the original Hebrew. But I've got the answer. Do you care about hearing it?

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Could you please correct my name on this page?

I teach guitar. Ginnaty.


Posted by Patrick Ginnaty @ 02/16/2005 06:43 PM EST

Sorry Patrick. Those pages are under control of adult ed--I didn't make those. Give 'em a call. Phone # is at the bottom of the page.

Posted by BR @ 02/16/2005 08:30 PM EST

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