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02/22/2005 Entry: "Web & snare work done!"

OK, you wanna see that other site I've been working on? Check out www.georgewestbrook.com. I'm really pleased with it. I think it may be one of my better sites. Nice stuff he makes, huh? Nothing I'll be getting into any time soon, but it is really good looking.

I also added a bunch of stuff to Blind Albert's site, including a Nam Diary (blog) and photo gallery.

The other day, a drum friend stopped by to talk to Paddy and me. He mendioned that his two snares (one a 14" and one a 10" popcorn snare) weren't really what he wanted. The 14" wasn't high enough in pitch, and the 10" was all crack and no body. I said "I've got this 6 1/2" X 13" snare that's higher in pitch than your 14", and yet the depth will give it some body too. You can borrow it if you like." So he did. He loved it! In fact, he offered to buy it! So I sold it to him. He bought the first Rhythm King snare. He didn't like the white satin flame, though. It doesn't match his ice birch blue DW set. So I recovered it for him in black. It looks pretty good, I must say.

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