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03/08/2005 Entry: "Snare Denial"

With the purchase of the Holy Grail Tama Rosewood, I've had to expand the realm of what snares need to be in the collection. An 80s Tama bell brass needs to be added. A Ludwig slotted Coliseum. A Premier Heavy Rock Nine, a 9" deep, cast hoop monster with parallel snares. The shell is made of brass, but inside there's a ply of birch to mellow things out. Then, there's a felt strip on the top and bottom edge to control more overtones. It's just a weird beast. Anyway, I want one. So I'm perusing the drummer's newsgroup, and there's a post from Nick Amoroso. Nick's got more snare's than I do. He's crazy. So he mentions he's got a Heavy Rock 9 for sale, $350 includes shipping and a foam lined case.

I sent an email.

I spent several hours giggling with anticipation.

I was denied.

Replies: 3 people have rocked the mic!

My God Bill! how many snare drums does one drummer need? Pretty soon, you're going to have to move out for lack of space. Have you considered going to SDA (snare drums anonymous)? There's probably a meeting somewhere around. Love ya. LOL

Posted by Aunt Ginny @ 03/08/2005 03:16 PM EST

I'm baaaaackkkk!!!! *lol* Well, it's a freebie blog, but what the heck? Just dropped by to say hi and give you the new address! smile

Posted by Maria @ 03/09/2005 02:17 PM EST

Hi Billy,
I always enjoy a monthly visit to your site, It never fails to be funny, informative, and entertaining.

I particularly enjoy your GHOST pedal info....Been using those since 1976, when I bought my 1st new Ghost for $49.98.

Keep up the good work Billy! Ciao, Steve

Posted by EvEnStEvEn @ 03/14/2005 04:01 PM EST

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