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04/29/2005 Entry: "Image Quiz"

OK, I stole this from the WOP, who stole it from someone else. Here's what you do. Read the question. Type the answer to the question into Google image search. Blog the first image, whatever it is. I added the third line, which is what my answer was. I did this because of the wood smoke/flowers answer/image. You would never of gotten my favorite smell is wood smoke from a bunch of flowers. Anyway, the answers are in the "get more here" section.

Where were you born?

Rockland Maine

Where do you live now?

11 Birch St

What is your name?

William Batty Jr.

What is your nickname?

Billy Rhythm (That's my kit, btw.)

What food do you buy most often?

Blueberry muffin

What is your favorite drink?


What is your favorite scent?

Wood smoke

What is your favorite word?

Hose Bag

What are your favorite shoes?

Chuckie Ts

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This was really fun. I had never done a google images search. In fact, didn't know such a thing even existed. I don't know how to show you the pictures, but this is what I came up with.

Where were you born? Same as Bill's.

Where do you live now? 169 Seal Harbor Road - No images. St. George - Picture of St. George & the Dragon.

What is your name? Lisa Wight - a Victorian of a woman by Roger Vaughan.

What is your nickname? Leese - some cartoon character.

What food do you buy most? Pizza - Picture of Pepperoni Pizza.

What is your favorite drink? Caffeine Free Diet Pepsi - Bingo! Got a picture of a can of it.

What is your favorite scent? Flowering Herbs by Bath & Body Works - Got a picture of some kind of flowering herbs.

Favorite word - Mama - Got a claymation type picture of a mother breastfeeding a baby.

Favorite shoes - Fake Birkenstock sandles - no images. Birkenstock sandles - woman wearing jeans & Birkenstocks. (Oh, and a shirt too.)

Posted by Lisa @ 04/29/2005 05:22 PM EST

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