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05/17/2005 Entry: "Diner in a Trailer"

I'll give you the dream. It started out I was about to take a drum lesson. I was at the corner of rts 131 and 90, right near the old Warren School. Only the school was much closer to the road. And to the left of the school (if you were facing the front door), there was a long row of storage units. I spoke to the guy from whom I was to take the lesson, and asked where the lesson was to take place. "I'm friends with the guy who owns the storage units, and he gives me a good deal." We went to the first small building in the line, and he opened the door. It was completely empty inside, and it wasn't high enough to stand upright. "Since we sit at the drums, the height won't really be an issue," he assured me. "That's fine," I said, "but there's no drum set here." He went over to an overhead garage door at the back of unit, and pushed it up. Behind that door was another storage unit, stuck back to back with the first. Inside that unit were boxes full of cheap drum sets. "All we need to do is put one together, and we can start." he said "Put one togehter?" I said indignantly. "I haven't got time. I need to get to a gig!"

Cut to the gig. The gig is in an old single wide house trailer that has been converted into a diner. The entrance is at one end, with the band stand just slightly to the left as you walk in. If you look right, you can look all the way down to the other end. The bedrooms and such had been ripped out, and that's where the diners sat. I needed to use the bathroom, which was all the way at the other end of the trailer. I went into the bathroom, and recognized that the room had originally been the master bedroom. As such, it didn't come with bathroom plumbing. Instead, there were gym bags. You stuck your, well, thingy in the bag, zipped up around, and let 'er go. So I did. And in my dream, I remember it was a really long pee. It took forever! So as I'm doing my thing, I'm looking at the wall, and there's this little built in shelf. On the shelf is this one gallon glass jar, filled with something. And as I'm peeing, the level of the liquid is going up! It seems there's a vaccuum cleaner hose at the bottom of the gym bag, and my urine is flowing into the jar! And in the jar, I realize, is a dead frog! Yikes!

So I get out of there, step outside the "mens room" into the main part of the dining area, and begin puting on my sneakers. Back at the other end of the trailer, I can see Paddy playing his bass, and Clarke is motioning me back to the stage. I think to myself "We've only been on break about six minutes! Why do we have to start playing again so soon?"

Then I woke up.

Replies: 2 people have rocked the mic!

Do you suppose that is the reason that our l9yr old frog died this weekend?

Posted by Dad @ 05/18/2005 10:41 AM EST

Bill peed in the frog tank and it died.

Posted by Swede @ 05/18/2005 08:17 PM EST

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