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06/02/2005 Entry: "Another Graveyard Post"

Susan saw something interesting on Memorial Day. As we drove by the Jewish cemetery at the head of the bay in Owls Head, she noticed that none of the graves had flowers on them. She wondered why. I have a cousin who married someone Jewish, so I thought I'd send her an email. Turns out she's on vacation. So I looked it up online. It seems that it's true. Many Jews don't put flowers on their loved one's graves. It seems they don't find it appropriate to kill the flowers to be put on a grave for remembrance. Instead, in many places, they'll put a small stone in front of the grave marker, sort of like a calling card, saying "Someone was here, and someone remembers." That seems like a nice tradition to me. Once person in a newsgroup said that when they wander in Jewish cemeteries, they'll leave a rock on someone's grave who has none. I thought that seemed very nice too.

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