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06/03/2005 Entry: "MI-5"

1) How much TV do you watch each weekday? How much on the weekend days?
Be honest now!
usually about two hours in the evening. Once I factor out drum lessons, church meetings, adult ed classes, and gigs, I'll say I eat supper around 7pm. 10pm I start getting ready for bed (usually), and lights out is 10:30. So from 7-10, the TV is on. But during that time I'm usually working on the web for MIS, or working on someone's site. Last night, I worked on a drum, so watched hardly any TV. And even when I watch TV, I usually only half watch it. Susan has a bunch of stuff she watched every week, so my stuff is usually regulated to times when she's out in the kitchen, not around, whatever. TV consumption on the weekend stays about the same, or maybe goes down.

2) How much exercise do you get each day? How much on weekend days?
I get hardly any exercise. That's one thing I realize I should really do more. Walking up and down stairs, luging drums equipment,and mowing my little lawn doesn't count as exercise.

3) Do you have things you'd like to try (swing dancing, hiking, horseback riding, etc.), but you always say "I just don't have time." If so what are they?
I've always wanted to try fencing and hang gliding.

4) If you had to make more time for something in your life, how would you best go about it?
As Paddy says, I could watch less tv. Or, I could get less sleep. If I got up at say 5am, I'd have an extra hour or hour and a half to do some other suff. Hang gliding at 5am here in Maine isn't too feasible, but I could maybe get some drum practicing in. And that has really been suffering lately.

5) Are your vacations typically traveling (either in-state or out of state) or do you stay close to home?
Usually, we do some of each. Vacation is time I use to get caught up on bigger projects around the house. The garage needs painting, the walkway needs more stones, the stairwell need wallpaper, that kinda thing. So usually we spend 2-3 days doing something out and about, and then 2-3 days at home doing projects. This year, we're going to Storyland for a couple of days.

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1. My TV is literally on 24-7. When Eben was a baby, I used the light from the TV as a nightlight for nursing. It was during one of those middle-of-the night feedings that I heard about Princess Diana's death and the Olympic Park Bombing. Since then, I'm afraid I'll miss something, so from 11:00 PM to 9:00 AM, the news is on. After that, it's kids shows or videos. The only time I'm actually watching TV is from 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM--can't miss the reality shows. (BTW, both "Dancin' with the Stars" and "Hit Me Baby One More Time ((with Loverboy, Flock of Seagulls and Tiffany)) started last night, and I enjoyed them both.)

2. My goal is to get 1-3 miles on in-home walking in 5x a week. It takes 20-45 minutes each time. Realistically, I do it 2x in 2 weeks.

3. I've always wanted to learn how to formally dance--ballroom, swing, whatever. I'd also love to try acting. Don't know if I'd be good at it or not, but I'd like to try. I should talk to Bill Maddox about that.

4. I'd definitely have to throw about the computer. I waste totally too much time on this thing!

5. We almost always travel to Virginia to see my husband's family. I love Virginia, so it always makes for a good vacation.

Posted by Lisa @ 06/03/2005 03:54 PM EST

We saw a commercial for Storyland on TV the other day. I told Jason that would most likely be a future destination! Can't you just see Emma and JP "burnin' rubber" in the Antique Cars! smile

Posted by Allison @ 06/03/2005 04:51 PM EST

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