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06/06/2005 Entry: "Weekend Wrap-Up"

Friday nite: No gig. Home. Ah. Nice.

Saturday morning. Matt (I think) got me up a little before 6am. I got up, got him his bottle, changed diaper, blah blah blah. Susan, Nat, and Julia all were up by 7:30. At 9am, I was off to the Kiwanis Bike Rodeo. Steel drum band "Steelin' Thunder" was asked to play, and since I play drums for them, it seems like I should show. :-) I helped the Kiwanis group (of which I'm a member) break down after the event, so I was home about 1:30. Upon arriving at home, I found my neighbor cut a section of my lawn that abuts his driveway. I hate when he does this. Why? Because it makes my lawn (not his) look bad. It's two different lengths at that point. So after some lunch and a Sam Adams Summer Ale--and a brief rest--I mowed the lawn. Late afternoon we got some sprinkles, so cooking on the outside grill was out. Chicken fried rice instead. After the kids went to bed, Susan and I spent some time laughing at one of these fine art infomercials on the tele.

Sunday: . I whipped up a batch of chocolate chip pancakes. (Or as Julia calls them, pam-cakes.) Julia likes hers play-in (she pronounces plain as two syllables for some reason), Susan likes blueberry best, so I rarely get the chocolate chip variety. But this morning, they got what I wanted. Turns out, Julia likes 'em better than play-in. Susan still prefers blueberry. I like 'em all! Then church. Lunch at the folks, which consisted of cusk, potatoes, and squash. Home a little after 2pm. I tried to catch a nap when Susan and the boys went down, but Julia was too noisy. 4pm Susan and I finished watching The Omen. Church in the evening. Then to Wendy's for supper (we forgot to defrost something).

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Eben calls them "pan-pakes". He prefers chocolate chip. Dwane prefers blueberry. I like blueberry or plain. If, however, I have blueberry, I only eat butter and sugar on them--no syrup.

Posted by Lisa @ 06/06/2005 06:51 PM EST

Nothing like "The Omen" to get you prepped for church attendance!
cool eh?

Posted by Groovemaster @ 06/07/2005 08:26 AM EST

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