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06/10/2005 Entry: "Getting in touch with yourself MI - 5"

Today's 5 brought to you by Swede.

1. If you had to honestly describe yourself what would you say? What kind of person are you in your own words?

2. How do you think other describe you as a person?
A jerk. (I'm not feeling good about myself right now...)

3. What tragedy that could occur to you do you most fear?
Death of my kids.

4. How do you envision your retired life?
Hangin' out, doing nothing in particular.

5. If you had your way what would your funeral be like and who would be there?
No funeral, per se. It's all at the graveside. A New Orleans dixieland plays as we enter, and everyone is sad. Durning the service, a bagpipe player hits a couple of good, mournful tunes. The preacher uses the phrase "ashes to ashes, dust to dust" somewhere. On the way out, New Orleans band smacks it with some kickin' second line stuf. Then everyone goes and has a beer, and doesn't get too sad.

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