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06/13/2005 Entry: "The Weekend Wrap-Up"

We'll start with Friday night. Unfortunately, I can't remember what happened. Oh wait, I had a gig. The Waterfront in Bangor has reopened. I can't remember what they're calling it now; Dorothy's or something like that. It hasn't quite figured out what it wants to be yet. It's a sports bar that features jazz and blues. Hmm. A little odd. For those of you who were playing along at home, I played the rosewood snare. It's a somewhat bright room, so I needed something with some meat on it. Metal snares were out. So a big wood drum was called in. The rosewood snare (because it's so dense, and because it has die-cast hoops) also has a bit of brightness, so it worked well.

Saturday was my and Susan's 11th wedding anniversary. I slept somewhat late (8am--but I didn't get home until 3am!), took a shower, and then took some baby clothes to Goodwill. Then I mowed the lawn and did some weed whacking. Around noonish, we took all three kids to Grandma's house to spend the night. After dropping them off in Somerville, we continued up 17 to Augusta to do some shopping. First was Old Navy, where I bought some summer shirts, a pair of shorts, and some pants. Next was Baby Gap, looking for hats and shoes for the boys. No luck there. Then to Pier 1 Imports, as Susan's never been to one. We both agreed that it just doesn't fit our style. Maybe some younger, single person with no kids could dig it. I'm a little too straight laced to dig the African/Asian influence, I guess. As we left Pier 1, Susan noticed a new Lane Bryant and Payless shoe store. Lane Bryant was first. They were having a super bra sale: buy two, get two free. Unfortunately, they only had one in Susan's size. I did have a good time playing "errand boy" for her though. :-) Payless did have two sets of sandals in the boys' sizes, so we grabbed them. By now it was about 3 o'clock, so we went to the Olive Garden for lunch. Usually, there's a long wait. Today, we got right in. It figures. When you've got the kids with you, and you need a seat, you can't get one. Now, we've got time available, and they get us right in. Oh well. Lunch was ok, but not as good as Vinny T's or Macaroni Grill. After lunch, it was time for Wal-Mart to grab some toothpaste for Susan. Then to Sam's Club to stock up on dishwashing and laundry detergent, paper plates, and stuff like that. It was now late enough that we knew we wouldn't be going out to a restaurant , so we cruised Sam's "gourmet" department looking for supper. We decided we weren't really hungry, so for supper we'd just have a couple slices of gourmet cheesecake! We got home around 7pm, had the cheesecake, and went to bed.

Sunday morning, we slept in. I got up at 8, Susan around 9. Breakfast was a couple of cinnamon buns purchased from Sam's. We were out of regular coffee, so I had to settle for Susan's Cinnabon coffee. Of course, I've been going through this cinnamon thing lately, so even though I eschew flavored coffees, this one was at least drinkable. We skipped morning church (gasp!), and made it to Grandma's at noon. Lunch was sandwiches, and Mom picked up some pastrami just for me! Home by three. I tried to wash some dishes, but the boys took a shorter than normal nap. We were at church of the youth program closing ceremony and supper. After that, band practice 'til about 9pm. Boy was it hot! At about 8:30 I started fading fast. Good thing Paddy said "Let's just do a few more and call it." I was all for that! Home again for a slice of strawberry cheesecake before bed.

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Billy, I have been meaning to tell you and a few other drummers....and guitar players that Mountain will be at the Grand in Ellsworth on June 21st. Tix-667-9500.

Yeah, corky laing and leslie west. They are better than ever.


Posted by Steve Peer @ 06/16/2005 01:27 PM EST

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