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07/08/2005 Entry: "MI-5"

It's Blues Festival week-end here in mid-coast Maine. Get in touch with your melancholy side, and answer these blues related questions.

1) You've got the blues, and you want to keep 'em going. What album do you play on your jukebox?
Oh, I'm the master of feelin' low down and lovin' it! For me, the albums that keep me depressed are: Counting Crows "August and Everything After"; Sarah McLachlan's "Fumbling Towards Ecstacy"; and of course A Few Small Repairs" would probably be in the mix, too. Oh, and something with Chet Baker singing.

2) You've got the blues, and you want to get rid of them! What album now?
Anything by James Brown or The Brand New Heavies. Anything where Louis Armstrong sings. (His voice always makes me smile.) Something Latin by Poncho Sanchez or Tito Puente.

3) You shuffle into a BBQ joint. They've got every type of grilled/smoked/BBQ'd whatever you could want. What do you order?
Pulled pork, wet, either Memphis or Kansas City style. Slab of ribs, same style. Hmm. Love that red sauce with plenty of brown sugar and molasses! And put just a touch of heat in it too. Corn bread is nice. No slaw for me, thanks. Most places make it too wet for my taste. I'm not too big on BBQ beans, either. I'll take mine in the Boston style, thanks. So I've got what, ribs, pork, and cornbread. Guess I'll take a beer to go with it. Here's one instance where I might prefer a lager over an ale. But a nice, light ale would be good too. Oh, how 'bout some Hoppin John to go with that plate. There. I think I'm full.

4) You've got to make it to Austin to see your baby/honey. Take your pick: train, Greyhound Bus, hitch-hike. How you gonna get there? Explain.
Train. I like trains. And it seems such an under utilized way to travel.

5) Share your favorite blues name with us! Here's the recipe: Start with an infirmity, add a fruit, and top off with the last name of a dead president. Example? Blind Berry Filmore! What did you come up with?
I've always liked "Skip-toothed Watermelon McKinely." Thompson's "Hobblin' Pickles Washington" is nice too. Put me down for "Tongue Tied Mango Wilson."

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Glad to see you've still got so much soul! Hope you all are having a great weekend! big grin

Posted by Maria @ 07/10/2005 01:58 PM EST

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