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08/02/2005 Entry: "The Weekend Wrap Up, Late Again!"

So, the weekend, huh? Yeah, I did some stuff. Wanna read about it? Read on, Macduff!

Friday night. Susan was having some scrapbooking dealy-o at my sisters place, and Julia went with her. So that left me and the boys at home. Susan had them all bathed an fed, so we got to spend the evening wrestling on the floor (which they love), and watching James Taylor live at the Beacon Theater. (Steve Jordan on drums and Jim Johnson on bass: Yum!) I ordered a bacon and hamburger calzone from Snappys, and had a generally good evening. Susan got home much later than planned (past 9pm), but the boys were asleep, so no big whoop.

Saturday morning. I was up early with Matt (I think). Shortly after that, Nat got up. I let Susan sleep. They ate a humongous breakfast: a breakfast bar (each), some Cheerios, a couple of graham crackers (each) and a slice of cheese (each). And milk. At around 9am, they were pooped, so they went back to bed. I called over to Chāteau Front and Back to let Paddy know I was able to go to the range a little earlier if he wanted. He was out doing errands, but picked me up a little before 10am. We hit the range, and friends Jim and Doc Blaine showed up, as well as a friend of Paddy's: a custom gun stock maker named Bud. We shot up a couple of boxes of clay pigeons, and had a blast. Jim really seems to have natural talent with the scatter gun. Me? Not so much. We then went over to the rifle side of the range, where I got a chance to shoot my old Winchester now that it has a different front site. At 25 yards, it was right on the money. Time was getting on, and I didn't get a chance to site it at 100 yards, but at least I know it's back in shooting condition now, and will at least put a round on paper. I got home in time to watch the boys for Susan's 1pm hair appointment. I don't really remember what I did Saturday night. Mow the lawn?

Sunday. Another early morning. Matt again. Nat slept a little later. Matt and I watched "This Old House Classics." I put some cinnamon buns in the oven, and made some coffee. We headed out to church. Dwane, our regular song-leader and my brother-in-law, had to work, so I filled in. Lunch was at the 'rents. In the afternoon, we took Julia to a party, and Susan and the boys and I went to Home Depot. I put up the new ceiling fan just in time to get to evening church. Again, me and the song leading. Home again, then bed. All done!

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