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08/05/2005 Entry: "Silly Quizes on a Friday Evening"

One of my favorite drum hang-outs is closing its doors. Harry Cangany has decided to close the Drum Center of Indianapolis' BBS. Why? He won't say. But he has said he won't sell his forum, and he won't allow the data (posted by users like me) to be exported to another forum. He's just taknig his ball and going home. And that's his right, but it sure does leave a sour taste in my mouth. Anyway, some people got together and started drumforum.org. It seems like most will be posting over there. And of course I still post over at ghostnote.net.

Now, on to silly quizes.

The Princess Bride
I'm sure it's no big surprise to you that your
romance is The Princess Bride. A heartwarming
tale of "Twue Wuve" that has giants,
Spainards and swashbuckling. You really do
think that love can overcome anything. You may
be a touch naive but your heart is certainly in
the right place. You've probably got one of
those relationships where proper nouns have
been replaced with "Snookums" and
"Pookie Pie". Eww. Beware a cuteness

What Romance Movie Best Represents Your Love Life?
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You're a Percussionist. Too cool for school.

What is your inner musical instrument?
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Replies: 2 people have rocked the mic!

The Princess Bride is my romance movie as well.

As far as the musical instrument goes, I am a flute. Cute, but vicious. I am always precious and lovely. Until the chair test. Then I act and sound like two cats in a paper bag. I am innocent looking with a mean streak like you wouldn't believe.

Posted by Lisa @ 08/05/2005 08:38 PM EST

My Romance Movie is also the Princess Bride. And I am a flute, cute, but vicious--that made me laugh out loud!

Posted by beloved @ 08/06/2005 11:17 PM EST

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