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08/17/2005 Entry: "Two Crazy Dreams in One Night!"

OK, weird dream time again. I had these on Sunday night/Monday morning. There were two.

Dream A:
I was heading down Patten Point road in Spruce Head to pay a visit to Jo Barboza. There were two other people with me. One (I think) was Jim Thompson, and I don't remember who the other was. I knocked and rang, and no one answered. Since it's Spruce Head, I open the door which isn't locked and shout "Anyone here?" No one answers, so I go inside to the living room, and across to the deck (wich in my dream is out front, and in reality is out back), look outside, and see no one. So as I'm heading back outside, a man and a woman come down the stairs.

"We want you to know you're welcome here," the guy said "but what are you planning to do next time? Rob us blind?"

I was a little shocked. He thought I was a robber, but he made it a point to mention I was welcome? Huh?

"Oh, I'm sorry. I was looking for Jo," I said.

"She moved back in April."

"Oh," I said, "I must've missed that. I've got new twins, and have been pretty busy lately..."

"April of 2000," they interupted.

"What? Wow, I'm real sorry, I didn't know. Please excuse me, let me get out of your home. I didn't know, honest. Please forgive me."

"You're welcome here you know..."


As I'm going out the door, a German shepherd the size of a small bear barrels down the stairs. "He's not going to give me any problems, is he?" Next thing I know, I'm jumping on top of furniture to get away from the beast, and he's coming right after me!

Dream B:
I'm working in an oatmeal factory. My job is to take fresh cherries and put them in a zip-top bag. Then I have this little tin cup into which I measure oatmeal. I pour the oatmeal into the bag, on top of the cherries. Zip the bag, and send it off to packaging. I note that the girls on the assembly line are all flirting with me. Hard. They think I'm the greatest thing since Gus Natale. Swooning all over me, they are. I'm thinking to myself "I can't let this get to me. I'm a married man, I can't have impure thoughts like this." Still, I wonder what so-and-so's (rated R text ahead) nipples look like. Then I woke up. I never found out the answer to my question, and no nudity was involved.

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