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09/02/2005 Entry: "MI-5, as prepared my Jim, aka GKaplan"

1. Would you rather get a parking ticket or leave your windows open by accident during a rain storm?
Parking ticket. Cost is much less than carpet damage on damage to the Green Hornet's fine leather seats.

2. Is there anything that you feel strongly enough about that you would protest (for it / against it)?
Sure. On street parking. ;-) I'd go to a war rally. I'd go to an abortion protest if done properly. (Showing pictures on aborted babies on placards does not help our cause.)

3. What is the worst storm you have ever experienced?
Hurricaine Gloria? The ice storm of '98? The blizzard of '93 I was actually a DJ at Coast 102.5. They wanted to make sure I could make it in for my Sunday morning show, so they got me a room at the Lord Camden Inn just around the corner from the station. Instead, I broadcast storm news Saturday night, and couldn't make it to the inn it was so bad outside. I slept under a desk in the sales office. My show on Sunday was basically reading church closings every 15 minutes. Everything was closed.

4. If you were 16 again would you live your next 10 years (16-26) differently than you did the first time?
I don't think so. Those years were pretty good to me, and I wouldn't want to screw them up.

5. Do you think punishment or reward is the best motivation?
It depends. I think as kids are learning, punishment is the better motivator, but not always. It turns around as we get older. But I think it really depends. Too many variables, I think. In general, kids=punishment, adults=reward.

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Wow! This is a great quiz! I might do this one on my site! smile

Posted by Maria @ 09/02/2005 08:54 AM EST

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