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09/30/2005 Entry: "The Friday Evening Dream Sequence"

Wanna hear about my dream last night? Of course you do! I was driving in a car with Rick Ness. (Rick is a business associate who sells my little marketing trinkets--swag--to me.) We were on Rt 73 in Spruce Head, heading towards Rockland. We crossed Whiskey Flats, and were heading up the hill by Richard and Harriet's old house, when I spotted a Seagrave open cab fire engine in the driveway. I pulled to a screetching halt. I went over to look at it, and met Matt Urda's dad outside.

"You own a Seagrave?" I said to him, amazed.
"Well, kind of. I know you have a thing for fire trucks, and I got a good deal on this one, so I thought I'd buy it and sell it back to you."
"Does is run?" I asked eagerly.
"The pump doesn't work, but she runs and goes good. Try 'er out."

I jumped in. In the hose bed were all kinds of cool trinkets, including a bunch of old fire helmets. There were these two pedals on the floor boards.

"What are these for?" I asked.
"Well, you have to keep pedaling on those to keep the thing running," he said.
"Wow, that's strange. Never seen that before," I said.

So, I pull out, and start around Waterman's beach road. I get to the point by Pleasant Beach, and there's some kind of fair going on. There are kids running hither and yon, and one jumps out into the street. I stomp on the brakes. No brakes. Well, some. The pedal feels like the brakes are frozen. But there's enough there for me to slow down and miss the kid. So I keep working the brakes and eventually get them freed up. I get to the end of Waterman's Beach, and stop on the hill. The engine stalls. It seems those two little pedals you pump while you're at idle to keep the engine running. I coast backwards a bit, and get sideways in the road so I don't roll down the hill. Then I worked on getting her started while I pumped the little pedals. Then I woke up.

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I scored 100% on beginner, intermediate and advanced, and 60% on expert.

My jack-o-lantern is happy.

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