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10/19/2005 Entry: "What Harv's Been Waiting For!"

Weekend wrap-up? It's Wednesday. You all probably don't care. But I can sum up. We went to Portland on Saturday to find a new giraffe for Nat. His current bed buddy is worn out and nasty. Yet he won't go without it so we can wash it. So we found a replacement giraffe in Penneys. In fact, they had two left. So we bought them both! That way, when giraffe needs to visit the laundry, we'll sneak replacement giraffe #2 in his place!

I gotta shout out some props to my buddy Jim. He found a box set of Fat Albert DVDs on one of his recent shopping trips. So he bought it for me! And while he was at it, he picked me up a emergency pack of gourmet chocolate, including a bar of Sharffen Berger! He rocks!

How're things at church? Well, I'm leading the Bible study now. We had 11 people at our meeting last week, and that's a wicked high turn-out. The previous two weeks we had three or four. This week we had nine, I think. So that's good.

Vehicles? Susan's van has some kind of gas leak. We'll find out what the damage is. I think the Green Hornet needs a head gasket. The mechanic told me to plan on a grand. If the head's cracked, he told me to add another $400. Looks like I need to pick up a nice juicy web project! And I've got some gigs coming up, so hopefully we can hang on to that money long enough to save it.

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Thanks.....I can continue on in my week feeling more complete for keeping up on the life and times of Billy Rhythm.
me smile

Posted by Harv @ 10/19/2005 09:19 PM EST

ps. I loved Jim's rant on the Maine government. Preach it Brother Jim!!!!!

Posted by Harv @ 10/19/2005 09:21 PM EST

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