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10/28/2005 Entry: "Jim's Random MI-5"

5 Random Questions.

1. What do you think of our justice system? Are we too lenient? Are we too strict? As you answer this think of places that have "tolerance" policies where they don't even enforce some laws and then other places where they cut off your hand if you shoplift.
Jeez, man! This is too heavy for a Friday. Here's what I think. If you do the crime, you should do the time. People who off someone and then get 10 years just isn't right. On the other hand, people sue McDonalds 'cause they're overweight, or sue Remington Arms because their loved one got shot. Please. Let's not ty up the courts with nonsense.

2. How much of a home army do you have? That is to say do you own a gun? Many? How much ammo do you keep?
I currently own four firearms. Dad left me three more, but they're still with Mom. Ammo? I've a bunch of .22 ammo, and a few 30-30 rounds. I think I'm out of shotgun ammo.

3. Would you rather have your health but be dirt poor and live to be old or would you rather have all the money you want for every desire of yours but have lots of health problems and die young?
Live old and poor.

4. What is something in your life right now that you feel you need to do as soon as you can?
Find a car that runs.

5. What is the best part of Autumn for you?
Cool temperatures, the leaves, the smell of wood smoke... Just about all of it!

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