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11/11/2005 Entry: "MI-5, Courtesy of Me"

Since I'm going through the wisdom teeth thang, this is what I came up with. Sorry it's late; being out of the office has me out of the loop.

1) What's the most serious surgery/hospital stay you've had?
I haven't had anything too serious, really. I had my appendix out, so I was in for a couple of days with that. Same with tonsils. I had surgery on my knee. I think I was only in for a night with that.

2) What's the most serious pain you've had?
Well, I told you about the knee surgery. I have a problem dislocating my kneecaps, especially the right one. I dislocated so much, it started to be now big thing. It would pop back in, and I'd just go about my business. Well one time, after it popped, it started to swell. It got really, really big. So we went to the E.R. The doctor thought there was fluid behind my kneecap. So they stuck a needle behind my kneecap. I remember squeezing Dad's hand very hard. The doctor pulled the plunger back on the syringe, but nothing came out. So this made a little vaccuum in the syringe. He let go of the plunger, and it just SNAPPED forward. Man, that hurt! He chuckled a little, and did it again, kind of in a "Hey watch this" sorta attitude.

3) Do you have any kind of on-going health problem, e.g. high blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc.?
No, I seem to be relatively healthy, other than my weight. I had a physical a couple of months ago. I had blood work done for my sugar and cholesterol and whatnot, but I haven't heard the results yet.

4) Do you do anything specifically to help keep you healthy?
No. It's awful. I should really be walking and watching what I eat. I get almost no exercise.

5) Are you worried about any inherited health issues?
Of course, I worry about cancer. Batty men have had some cancer issues. In fact, Dad was worried about lung cancer when they found the cancer in his kidney. He didn't have any symptoms, but he was worried about his history. While they were looking at his lungs, they found the growth in his kidney. And it spread from there. So I worry about that. And I also worry for my kids. Not only did my Dad have kidney cancer, but Sue's Dad did too. So they're gonna get whammied from both sides of the familly.

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