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12/08/2005 Entry: "1971 Doesn't Seem That Long Ago"

I'm not usually one for birthdays. For me, it's just another day. I thought it would be the case this year, too. On Sunday, we went to Moms. She made lunch for me, and there was an ice cream cake, and Lisa bought me a CD and a book. (And Mom renewed my Modern Drummer subscription, my present since 1989.)

My actual birthday was yesterday. And since I've been leading Bible study on Wednesday nights for the past few months, and since birthdays are no big whoop, I thought it only appropriate that I continue to be there. And the folks there planned a little party for me! There was cake and ice cream. And lots of gifts. I got some money, a gift certificate to the local Bible bookstore, some Chunky Monkey, Aunt Ruth's brownies, some socks, a Christmas tree ornament, some chocolates, and some other stuff I'm sure I'm forgetting. And Jimmy T snagged me the Eggamuffin Toaster. Thanks to all for making it a very special birthday.

Oh, and the Eggamuffin Toaster is everything you'd think it is. It's wicked cool!

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