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01/30/2006 Entry: "It's Monday!"

What's up with you, dear reader? I'm not really going to do a week-end wrap up tonight. I'm just not in the mood. I played a gig on Saturday, and it went ok. It was a weird vibe, but everyone said they enjoyed us. Maybe they're just being polite.

Matt has croop. He sounds like a barking seal. He doesn't act like he doesn't feel well, though. Nat goes in to have ear tubes put in on Thursday. I'm actually a little, not worried, but, I guess concerned about the surgery. He going under a general anesthetic, so he's going under. It's the first time I've had to commit one of my kids to that. Sure, kids all over have it done all the time. But I'm taking the day off none the less.

I'm going offline now. Susan is playing some spider solitare game she's trying to beat. Good night, all, but especially Harvey.

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Good night sweet William.....

Posted by Harvey @ 01/30/2006 10:22 PM EST

That Spider solitare is so addictive! I play on the hard level, and I have one only 38 of 2,323 games! I need to take up housekeeping instead!

Posted by Lisa @ 01/31/2006 06:50 AM EST

That should be "won" not "one". Too early in the morning to be thinking, I guess.

Posted by Lisa @ 01/31/2006 06:50 AM EST

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