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02/15/2006 Entry: "Jimmy T's MI-5, 5 Days Late"

1. What is the best thing that has happened to you this year so far?
You know, I can't think of anything real exciting for this. I was on TV, which for me really wasn't any big whoop. I hurt my back breakdancing. I guess that's not a good thing though. I guess we're back to the TV.

2. You get a call that you have won a large sum of money. It doesn't matter how much. In order to get this money you must do something publicly humiliating to yourself. What do you choose to do? Keep in mind that your gift may ride on this so make sure it is humiliating enough or they may move on to someone else for the gift.
Drink a shot of vinegar? Dress up like a woman? I got it! Stand on the corner of Mn St. and Limerock, in a bustier, singing "Oklahoma," and doing shots of malt vinegar. How's that?

3. Somehow you have made the mob mad at you. They haul you in to "take care" of you but you plead with them and they agree that if you will give up one of your pleasures of life they will let you go. Let's just say they like the creativity of it. What pleasure of life do you give up to keep your life?
Just about anything. Milk? Chocolate? Physical, um, closeness? I'd get rid of all it for life. I've got three kids and wife whom I love. I'd sacrifice anything of mine for them.

4. Another contest. This time you get to be any political leader for a week. Whoever you want. Who would you like to be for the week?
I'd want to be the President of the US, but only for his week of vacation. I'd fly the fam to Disney on Air Force One, and we'd just kick back.

5. As a kid we all loved certain food or snacks. Maybe it a kind of candy or soda. Maybe it was something like a happy meal or a hot dog. Tell us the things you loved to eat as a kid? These would be the special treats you loved...
Mom would occasionally put some special stuff in the old lunchbox. Whenever I went on a field trip, she would let me have a can of Fresca, which she always wrapped in tinfoil to help keep it cold. Hostess cupcakes and Suzy Qs were also favs--and still are!

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