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02/17/2006 Entry: "Gig Wrap-Up Before A Gig"

I'm just about to head to Waterville to play at the Midnight Blues Club. And yet, I haven't even posted about last week's two-nighter in Millinocket. I'll just hit the highlights. The owner, Tom, is an old hippy. He takes care of the bands, too. He makes sure your glass of milk is never empty. He makes supper for you. His pizza crust is awesome. Millinocket is three hours from here, but to play for a guy so nice, it's worth it. At the end of the first night, this lady came up, gave me a friendly hug, and said she liked the band. Then she said "You know, I don't usually go for drummers, but you're pretty cute. It's something about your feet." Really! That's what she said! Then Sunday morning, at like 1:30am, we're getting ready to come home. There's a storm going to hit the coast, and we want to beat it back. Too bad Blind Al's van won't start. I helped him for an hour to try and get it going, but it was no use. I had to leave him there. I needed to get home to the fam, and I wasn't helping with anything he couldn't do by himself. So at 2:30, Glen (the bass player) and I headed home. I was in bed at about 5:30am. I slept until noon.

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