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04/11/2006 Entry: "Want Something Offensive for Holy Week?"

I'm listening to Terri (Terry?) Gross from Public Radio tonight, and she's got this band on her show, "What I Like About Jew." Apparently, it's some Reform Jewish guys comedy duo. And guess what? It was so totally offensive, even to me. And I'm not Jewish! Dig these lyrics from their Passover song:

"We were slaves to pharaoh in Egypt
The year was 1492
Hitler had just invaded Poland
Madonna had just become a Jew
Moses was found on the Potomac
Then he marched with Martin Luther King
He came back to free us from our bondage
'Cause S&M has never been our thing
They tried to kill us, we survived, let's eat."

Their theory is all Jewish holidays can be summed up with that last phrase: They tried to kill us, we survived, let's eat. Sad. Is it cool for Jews to poke fun of other Jews? I don't think so, but hey, maybe I'm not hip. Maybe it's really cool. Hey wait... What if some Christian said that kind of stuff? Oh right, hate crime.

Then I investigated their web site--to get the lyrics for the above. And then I found this great ditty... (I'm not going to post it on the main page here. If you're hard hearted, see the "Get More Here" section. Those who are tender and sweet should stay away.)

"Jews for Jesus, Jews for Jesus
When I see you my mind just freezes
Jews for Jesus, Jews for Jesus
Stink as bad as rotten cheeses
And just to show you who's the boss
I'd really like to nail you to the cross
Jews for Jesus"

Yeah. Happy Easter, and Happy Passover all! (/end sarcasm)

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This goes back to my N word theory. If the word is offensive then it is offensive no matter who is using it. It is an offensive word period.

Just because a black person uses the word doesn't mean it doesn't bring up visions of racial oppression and KKK and all that horrible stuff. It is a racist word no matter who is using it because our culture has decided it is a racist word. Period! The color of the mouth using it doesn't matter.

Posted by Jim @ 04/11/2006 09:22 PM EST

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