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04/13/2006 Entry: "Tattoos from Yesterday"

About 30 seconds after I shut the computer down last night I remembered what I wanted to say. Have you seen the TV ads for Tractor Supply Company? The ones with the plastic dudes who look like farmers, and they have these funny little conversations? Yeah, those. I LOVE 'em! Susan had seen two of the three I'd seen. She hadn't seen the one where the guy asks his friend to pick him up a 20 ton log splitter. Well, I've been Tivo-ing "This Old House," and usually they play a TSC ad. We've been fast forwarding through the show, looking for the stupid commercial! No luck. Last night, we were watching "Miami Ink" on TLC--a show about tattoos, of all things. And there it is! The ad we've been looking for. Having a hardware store ad on HGTV make sense to me, but on a tattoo show? Whatever, I guess.

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