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04/21/2006 Entry: "The MI-5, as Made Up by Me"

These are all crazy. They don't mean anything, and I just made them up. No real theme.

Hypothetically speaking...

1) You have to have some kind of surgery to have something removed. Strangely, though, you get to pick what's cut out/off. What do you choose?
--Well, my tonsils and appendix are already gone. I need my fingers for playing drums, but maybe I could do without the first joint of my little finger of my left hand.

2) You are only allowed to enter one store for the rest of your life. Your familly may enter wherever they want, and you may shop online, but physically, you can only enter one store. What do you pick?
--Northern Kingdom Music!

3) You must give up all your jewelry but one thing. What do you keep? A necklace? A watch? An heirloom?
--The wedding band my wife gave me.

4) You get only one type of breakfast item to eat for the rest of your life. It can be prepared different ways, but it needs to be the same basic thing. Eggs? Pancakes? Muffins? What is it? Why?
--Eggs. I can do a gazillion things with eggs. Poached, fried, scrambled, omelets, frittatas.

5) You must get a tattoo. What do you get? Where do you put it? Why?
--I'm not big on tattoos, so it needs to be small and inconspicuous. Maybe Susan's name on my hip, I guess.

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