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05/23/2006 Entry: "I Am The Grass... Let Me Work"

I've got some grass props I gotta get out, here. With it being so rainy here the last two weeks, I hadn't been able to give my lawn a proper mow. It was sunny enough to mow like twice, and both times I had to be somewhere else. Add to that my mower hadn't been running, and my lawn was starting to get awfully tall. Well, when I pulled into the driveway on Sunday, neighbor and friend Michael was mowing. He knew that I'd been busy and had mower troubles, so he helped me out. Thanks!

Then today I did a little more work on my mower. I drained the tank, and borrowed some gas from my other neighbor David. No good. I had changed out the plug before, and that didn't work. David thought we should try it again, this time with his fresh gas. And while we were at it, he gave it a couple of good shots of carb cleaner. After that, she fired right up. So, it was either bad gas and bad plug together (as I had changed both before, but not simultaneously), or it was the carb cleaner that did it. Either way, thanks for the help David.

Of course, neither of them read here, but here it is for posterity. And here's an interesting side note: both Micheal and David are always Michael and David. Never are they called Mike or Dave. Hmm.

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