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06/30/2006 Entry: "My Country Music MI-5"

The Country Music Inspired MI-5

I was downstairs folding laundry, listening to country music. The DJ played some really good stuff, and his set list inspired this MI-5. Country music inspired me, but you may answer freely, regardless of genre.

1) Is there any particular song that always makes you smile? (This question inspired by "Tight Fitting Jeans" by Conway Twitty.)
Almost anything that Lois Armstrong sings will make me smile, especially if he scats.

2) Is there any particular song that always brings a tear to your eye? (This question inspired by "Three Wooden Crosses" by Randy Travis.)
Well, in addition to the above, there's a song called "The Little Girl" that always makes me tear up.

3) You have the opportunity to spend the day with someone who's no longer around. (Could be they've passed on, could be they're just not around.) Do you take the opportunity? Who do you pick? (Inspired by Diamond Rio's "One More Day.")
You know, I'm going to say I'm going to pass on bringing someone back. The people I would really want back are in heaven, and I'm thinking they don't really want to come back here. (See Saul bringing back Samuel, 1st Samuel 28. It was a sermon I wrote that became a Sunday School lesson.) I'd really like to see Dad again, but in reality, one day isn't going to help me all that much, and it certainly isn't going to help him. So I think I'll leave him in Paradise. Instead, I'll opt for the "bring someone around who is still (ostensibly) alive" route. Where the heck is Heather Armstrong and Steve Parks?

4) You're going somewhere tropical. Where are you going? What's on your agenda? (From Kenny Chesney's "How Forever Feels.")
I see a beach and some kind of local BBQ pork. There's some deffinite snorkling going on, too. And maybe a banana daiquri.

5) We all probably have a little habit/love/idea that some might consider a little "red neck." What's your "white trash" secret? (Inspired by "Redneck Yacht Club".)
Well, I think blue jeans and a white t-shirt is probably the best outfit a woman could wear. I'd take that over business suits or fancy lingere or anything. I also have a soft spot in my heart for Skynyrd. I don't need to hear "Free Bird" ever again, but I still like that guitar riff in "Sweet Home Alabama." Ok, I admitted it!

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