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07/06/2006 Entry: "New Words"

New words make it into the dictionary. Soul patch? Man, I've been using that for years! It's just getting in? Diz had one for years! That shoulda been in a long time ago.

Replies: 2 people have rocked the mic!

Why did you refuse to apply the "Talk to me" on the next post......afraid you would get some flack from the mean guyz at NKM?

Posted by Grumpy, Meanie and Jerky aka....the NK crew @ 07/08/2006 08:36 PM EST

No, that's not it at all. A few posts down, you'll see I mention getting lots of comment spam. A bunch of casinos have been leaving all kinds of comments with links back to their sites, and I have to keep removing them. So I shut off the "turn comments on" by default setting. So I have to ENABLE comments on each post. So in this instance, I just forgot to turn it on. I've turned it on for you now, so feel free to comment away!

Posted by BR @ 07/10/2006 08:22 AM EST

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