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07/10/2006 Entry: "Weekend Birthdays and Camp"

Ok, so what happened this weekend? Well, let's start of with Friday night, as I am wont to do. Oh wait, I don't remember Friday. I think, though I'm not sure, that I made Susan and I a lovely steak dinner after the kids went to bed. Susan spent some time getting ready for...

Julia's birthday was Saturday. She's eight, now. She had a tea party! She invited about six friends over, and we made little sandwiches with the crusts cut off. Before the party, I took the boys to buy some pool chemicals at EL Spear. Pool chemicals? Yup. Neighbors Michael and Erica bought the kids a pool for their collective (they're all in July) birthdays. They even set it up for us. So, I wasn't really involved in the purchase/set-up that much. It's one of those three foot deep, four feet wide inflatable thingys. Well, imagine my surprise when I pull of the cover one morning, and the pool is green. I had never thought about chemicals! So, we bought some chlorine and shock and that sorta stuff. In the afternoon, I met with a potential new pastor for the church. He was visiting family in MA, and said he'd come and speak to us. So I spent a couple hours with him, and took him to lunch. I had about an hour before I needed to leave for my gig, so I lied down for a bit. Then I left home around 5pm to get to Bloomfield's in Skowhegan for my gig. That went just fine, although it was a long 9pm - 1am gig, then an almost two hour ride home.

Sunday morning, we got up at eight. Julia had spent the night at Grammy Nan's: sort of a birthday sleep over. So we only had to get the boys ready for church. We were ready to go at about 8:45. Susan needed some things at Wal-Mart, and they happen to have a Dunkin' Donuts there, so we hit them up for some supplies and breakfast. Church in the morning with the potential pastor. Right after the service, we needed to book it out, as it was a 2 1/2 hour drive to take Julia to her first sleep away camp. So once we get there, we find out that Susan misread the requirements to camp. Julia was supposed to have proof of a physical within the last two years. Susan thought that if Julia had had a medical issue within the last two years, she needed to bring her records to show that she was now healthy. Since Julia has always been healthy, she didn't think she needed them. So of course, there was a bit of panic. They said "She can stay tonight, but we need this info tomorrow." Of course, Dr. Faulkingham is on vacation this week! So all the way home, Susan and I talked about what we could do. When we got home, Susan called Erika (neighbor of pool fame), and they talked. Erika gave us the last name of Dr. Faulkingham's receptionist, and Susan called her. She was willing to go into the office today, on her vacation, and fax the materials to camp! Way nice. (Susan's planning on baking her cookies.) Once that all got settled, I went to bed.

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