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09/08/2006 Entry: "Aunt Ginny's MI-5"

1. Discounting immediate family and teachers, who had the biggest influence on your life as a child?
Wow! No family or teachers? Who else did I have as a child? I guess I would have to say Steve Bennett. He was the pastor at my church for many years. He lead the Boys Club at church, and he was involved with scouts too. We went camping at his house; we raced pinewood cars; we shot rockets off in Bob Polky's field. As I get older, I recognize what a great example of "servant/leader" he was. Steve would drop anything to help a friend--from helping me change a flat tire on the way to a gig, to helping me install a grounded receptacle.

Help me family, am I missing someone more obvious?

2. Who do you hope to have positively influenced in your life?
My children.

3. Who was your favorite teacher and what was it about them that made them memorable?
It's hard to pick one. The music staff at SAD 5 are all pretty important to me: Mrs Chamberlain, Ms. Hall, and Mr. Walton. The latter are still employed there! Dr. Faxon was tough, but he was a great teacher. In college, Jill Reubenson-Fenton and Terry Plunkett were very supportive English professors. In grade school, Mr. Borgerson was a fav.

4. What was the last book, other than the Bible, that you read that made you sit up and take notice of the world around you/ your own life?
I just finished "Blue Like Jazz," which I found quite thought provoking. I also read "In Harm's Way," a non-fiction work about the USS Indianapolis--the bought that delivered one of "the bombs" in WWII. They were torpedoed on their way back, and the boat sank in like 10 minutes. Due to the classified nature of their mission, no one missed them when they didn't show up anywhere. It really gave me, someone too young to remember WWII, some of the best perspective of what sacrifices where made for freedom.

5. Speaking of influences, tell the truth, have you ever driven "under the influence" of anything, a song, a thought, a sermon, refreshment, etc.?
Who hasn't!? I driven under the influence of songs, sermons, cheeseburgers, and--most terrifyingly--lack of sleep. Have you ever had one of those moments where your head snaps back, the adrenalin pumps, and you realize you were just asleep at the wheel? There have been several times that I was too tired to be behind the wheel. Now, I'll take 15 minutes, pull over, and get a power nap. That little nap will really help.

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Hi Billy!
Thanks for the offer to help out with the band/dj. we'll take you up on that. Any help we can get is really appreciated.

Posted by sizzlin @ 09/11/2006 09:27 AM EST

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